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Note Buyers Want Your Notes

Are you looking for note buyers to sell your real estate note or cash flow note so you can take advantage of a good investment opportunity. Or perhaps it's a mortgage note that's been giving you trouble and you want mortgage note buyers to cash you out. Some of you are carrying a large mortgage note or commercial note and have had trouble finding a qualified investor to purchase it.

Today, more than ever, real estate note owners are realizing that instead of holding onto their notes and collecting small monthly payments, they can sell them to get their cash NOW! And getting a large lump sum is critical today in the hard economic times we live in. Getting your cash out today can provide you with great opportunities to invest that money in more real estate or make vital purchases for your family like vacations, college tuition, remodeling and more. Or perhaps take care of bills that are overdue.

Mortgage Note Buyers Are Here!

We're glad you found us! The Note Seller Network is the largest and most trusted resource of note buyers or note investors for purchasing ANY real estate note you have. With over 400 private real estate note buyers all throughout the United States, (and our list keeps growing), Note Seller Network can purchase ANY real estate note. PERIOD! Mortgage note buyers or investors are always looking for good cash flow notes to add to their portfolios. Please call us right now and see how easy it really is to sell your note.

One important thing...It must be a 1st position note... Not a 2nd or 3rd. Short seasoning is ok along with an adequate FICO score for the payor.

Also, you are never under ANY obligation. We want you to be totally satisfied from start to finish. That's why so many people keep coming back to Note Seller Network to sell promissory notes!

*UPDATE:  Because of the current recession and the strain on many families to meet their monthly obligations, many are finding this to be the BEST time and resource to sell their real estate notes to access immediate cash. Also, in many instances, it is more advantageous for note holders to collect the majority of the face value of their note NOW, rather than waiting years to collect, due to the constant changes in our economic climate. Many are taking the proceeds and investing in better financial instruments. We can also make partial offers- Where our note investors purchase part of the note while you retain the balance of the note so you don't have to completely liquidate.So contact us TODAY and our note buyers and real estate note investors will make you an offer!



  • The note MUST be in 1st Position

  • Do not submit your note to us if you have already submitted it to other investors or note  buyers, because those other investors or buyers most likely tried to broker your deal to us already.

  • Face Value: $50,000 MINIMUM.- NO exceptions.

  • ALL types of Real Estate: SFR, APTS, COMMERCIAL, LAND

  • There MUST be at least 2 Payments made on the note.

  • The note must have originally had a Down Payment.

  • Payor on the note must have a 625 FICO or higher.

  • You must have a copy of the original note.

Note Seller Quick Submission Form
Give us some general information about the note you want to sell and we will contact you right away. All information is confidential. *Remember- Your note MUST be in 1st position.




Think About It 

Why wait every month to collect a small amount of money when you can have your money NOW? What would you do if you had your money NOW?